Oakland A’s

(March 2012 – October 2012) On a raining night in early March I signed my employee contract with the Oakland Athletics, a team I had loved dearly since I had first moved to the Bay Area a decade earlier.  I was signing up to be a Guest Relations attendant for the summer and into the fall.  The schedule was flexible and provided free tickets to certain games throughout the season.

My official job description read: Creating memories for every A’s guest, one smile at a time.

The A’s went on to have an incredible season of walk-off pies and the Bernie lean that ended in the playoffs.  Although I had a full-time job working with some of the largest names in sport, nothing made me more proud than to receive my first Oakland A’s paycheck.  It wasn’t much considering I only worked 6 hours for an entire week, but it was quickly framed and hung on the wall near by bed.

Sometimes living your passion and loving your job isn’t about working with the biggest brands, having a glamorous job title or pouring yourself into important projects.  Sometimes, a great job just means smiling and sharing authentic, positive experiences with people.

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