Stanford’s Buck/Cardinal Clubhouse

(Oct, 2011 – Dec, 2012) During my time as the Account Manager for the Stanford Athletics Buck/Cardinal Club at GAGA Sport & Entertainment, I learned the role that regular data analysis plays in shaping the design and content strategy of a website and blog.

The Buck/Cardinal Clubhouse is a fan engagement site that gives student athletes, alumni and friends of Stanford Athletics an exclusive look at life on the farm with an array of articles, videos and Buck/Cardinal events. The site offers multiple points for online visitors to donate to Stanford Athletics Buck/Cardinal Club, Stanford Athletics: Mae Schultzcontributing to it’s overall success.

One of the central focuses of the Buck/Cardinal Clubhouse was it’s annual Young Cardinal Challenge.  A donation drive aimed to increase engagement and small donations from recently graduated student athletes.


According to the Stanford Athletics Giving Report, in 2011–12, the Buck/Cardinal Club received more than $9 million in support from generous alumni and friends –of which the Buck/Cardinal Clubhouse contributed. This annual, expendable support had the same impact on fiscal year 2012 revenue as $167 million in endowment at the current payout rate of 5.5 percent. In fact, the Buck/Cardinal Club now accounts for approximately 10 percent of annual athletic department revenues. It is a vital resource, and its effect on Stanford’s scholar-athletes is both direct and immediate.

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