University of San Francisco Dons

(November, 2011 – June, 2012) Working on this project, I learned that combining a new strategic direction to familiar partnerships breeds success like no other.

New Athletic Director, Scott Sidwell of the University of San Francisco Athletics teamed up with GAGA Sport & Entertainment to create a fan engagement site that utilized online data to increase donations, ticket sales and sponsorship engagement.

NCAA SponsorshipFor the launch of the Dons Insider website, USF and GAGA Sports partnered with BMW of San Francisco, a regular sponsor of USF to offer fans a chance to win a new BMW.  The became promotion became the largest digital sponsorship in the history of the university with full in-game, online, and social integration.


  • 49% of USF Dons Twitter followers and 24% of their Facebook fans registered for the site, giving USF an opportunity to collect more data about their social community.
  • 38% of registered Dons Insider users also opted in to receive more information about BMW of San Francisco.

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