(July, 2013 – Current) It was clear from my first week in Australia back in January, that I needed to rebuild the BioAge website.   The site I was shown on my first or second day in the office was confusing, clunky and generating quite a bit of support calls and emails from clients who couldn’t find what they were looking for.

Legally, I couldn’t touch the site until July 15th.

The one-year, working Australian VISA I have is designed to help young people travel the world.  To attract these kinds of people, the VISA requires that you are under 30 when you apply and that you work for a company for a maximum of six months.

Lucky for me, the owners of Personal Training Academy also own another company called BioAge that shares the same office space.  Unfortunately for me, it unofficially means that I’ve been working 2 jobs all year.  One ‘official’ full time job and one not so official part time job.  My first 6 months focused on PTA while sitting in on high-level strategy meetings for BioAge, where my last 6 months were the reversal.  By July 15, 2013 I had rebranded Personal Training Academy and optimised their social and search exposure through the launch of their new blog Fitness Evolution.

It was time to put PTA in the backseat and reconstruct from the perspective of their clients — and soon.  I had exactly 1.5 months and a small budget to pull this off.   We were in the planning stages of reconstructing our database, expanding our product capabilities and scaling into a large global partnership over the next 4 months; every minute spent responding to support calls or making small fixes to our current site was a minute distracting us from the bigger picture.

What’s more is that in our tiny start-up team of 4 people, everyone except myself had a vacation planned in August – but, with our team scattered around the globe (Bali, San Francisco, New York, Florida, and Australia), we managed to pull off a clean site with an extensive education resource for our clients.

My primary objectives in creating the new site were:

  • Improve the user experience of current clients and increase the conversion rate of new traffic.
  • Create an Education Toolbox as a client resource.
  • Be compatible with devices.
  • Ensure the site looks credible and modern.
  • Increase the reach of the website through social sharing.
BioAgeBefore before our relaunch. after our relaunch after our relaunch

But the best is still yet to come…

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